We specialise in recruiting qualified and experienced  chefs and provide guaranteed employment in successful & established venues and businesses across UK,Ireland and Australia .

The program provides the opportunity to live and work in the country you choose, develop your skills and enhance your career . In many cases a pathway is available for candidates to secure permanent residency in these countries .

The applications can be made online, and applications from start to deployment can be as little as 12 weeks. Candidates can apply from anywhere in the world .

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Our team will conduct a thorough screening of your application and if you are eligible ,you will receive an invitation to attend the interview.



If you are successful at the interview ,the employer will send you an offer letter and once you accept the job offer they will start working on your work permit/cos etc,once granted you should apply for the visa


Travel arrangements

Once you have the visa ready make your travel arrangements and let us know and we will coordinate with the employer to arrange airport pick up and employment start dates.


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